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In the early 1990’s, the Quail Creek HOA established the Quail Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) partner organization tasked with the maintenance and beautification of the neighborhood. The Quail Community Foundation (QCF) is a charitable organization, making all donations to the foundation 100% tax-deductible. A portion of Quail Creek HOA dues are passed through to the QCF, making a percentage of your membership tax-deductible. Other donations made directly to the QCF are also 100% tax-deductible.

  • Why not go ahead and help improve Quail Creek and increase your property values by directing your taxable income towards your own neighborhood?

  • Why not include Quail Creek in your estate planning so that generations to come will have the same lifetime of memories you have?

Your gifts to the neighborhood can be project specific or used in the general fund. If you have questions about the QCF or making donations to the Quail Community Foundation, please contact the HOA board to discuss the options available to you.

Soon after, the QCF applied for a grant from Margaret Annis Boys Trust (Oklahoma City Community Foundation) and received 55 crepe myrtles that have been planted on 122nd Street.

The common areas of Quail Creek are regularly mowed and landscaped, creating a lovely, well-manicured environment for residents and visitors.

While funding is limited, the Foundation’s dreams are not. In 2013, the QCF announced the finalization of a set of beautification plans that will create updated, consistent entrances into Quail Creek.


The first phase of these plans became a reality in 2017 with new entrance walls, landscaping, irrigation (where necessary), and updated lighting at Maple Ridge Road and 122nd Street, Rosewood Lane and May Avenue, Pine Ridge Road and May Avenue and a new stone pillar will mark the entrance into Quail Creek on Clear Brook in North Quail Creek. The QCF completed Phase 2 of the beautification plan in 2019. Phase 2 consisted of the entrance at Quail Creek Road and 122nd Street was overhauled.


The QCF is currently raising funds and planning for Phase 3 of the Beautification Project.  Phase 3 is the entrance at N. May Avenue and Quail Creek Rd (South Quail Creek) the entrance where BancFirst is located.


Funds generated through annual membership dues are 100% allocated to the general maintenance of Quail Creek. It is vital for residents, friends and community partners to support our fundraising efforts AND support Quail Creek through annual membership dues.


Our Beautification Project will truly impact the safety, beauty and value of our neighborhood for years to come. For more information and updates about the Beautification Plan and fundraising events, please click here. Fundraising events have been in full force since 2015 and the support of our entire community is vital to help get us through the completion of this multi-phase project


Shawn Abernathy - President
Kathryn Johnson - Treasurer
Kay Epperson - Secretary
Susan Raybourn - Landscape
Jim Rust - Landscape
Leah Strickland - Events
Taylor Butler- Events

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