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Quail Creek HOA

For over 50 years, the success of Quail Creek has been directly associated with the actions of the Quail Creek Homeowners Association.  The Quail Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) was formed in 1965 to help ensure the safety, beautification and physical improvement of Quail Creek neighborhood. The Quail Creek HOA is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, serving to represent the interests of its members, primarily focusing on safety and security, beautification and physical improvement, and community-building social events. The results of investing in the Quail Creek HOA are seen through increased property values and pride in Quail Creek neighborhood.

The HOA Board of Directors is comprised of approximately 18 volunteers who meet once per month to address issues, give guidance and plan for the future of the neighborhood. Meetings are held at Quail Creek Bank and cover security reviews, budgets, Quail Community Foundation reports, community events, outreach, and beautification. Board members serve three-year staggered terms allowing for the nomination and election of 6 new board members each year at our annual meeting in November. Also at the annual meeting, executive officers are nominated and elected by the BoD to serve a one-year term. Board meeting minutes, security reports and other information are available to all HOA members by contacting the HOA office at 751-5661 or

Revenue for the HOA comes from volunteer membership dues, paid by Quail Creek residents.  Half (50%) of every membership is directed to the Quail Community Foundation, the HOA’s 501c3 partner, which is directly responsible for the execution of beautification projects and grounds maintenance. The remaining funds are allocated into a yearly HOA budget, of which security is the primary expenditure.

We encourage you to join the HOA and ask that you encourage your neighbors and friends to do the same.

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