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Security Update
January 1, 2024

Please note that Quail Creek’s private security contract with Elite Security ended as of December 31, 2023. Please contact 911 for any security concerns. While we hate to part ways with Elite, rising costs required the Board to revisit the most cost-effective way to maintain a high level of security in the future. We thank the team at Elite for their many years of service and appreciate all they have done to support Quail Creek. 


On a positive note, we are excited to announce significant improvements to security over the coming months. We will be installing FLOCK security cameras at all 24 entrances to our neighborhood. These are the same cameras used by the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) throughout the city to help identify and track vehicles of concern. Quail Creek will be the largest neighborhood in the state using this state of the art technology and the first to use the cameras to establish a 24/7 security boundary.


The Flock camera boundary will also serve as a visual deterrent for criminals who primarily enter our neighborhood by vehicle. Should any vehicles of concern enter Quail Creek, our cameras will automatically alert OCPD with their location and allow OCPD to access our cameras to research and pinpoint travel history and current location. The cameras will also allow OCPD to research vehicle activity related to any criminal concerns that may transpire in Quail Creek. The cameras identify and catalog every car accessing our neighborhood by make, model, color, tag, location, date, and time. Should a crime happen in QC, the system can help to identify the suspect and track the car throughout the city via other Flock cameras.


The HOA Board feels that this camera system will provide superior results over traditional patrol services. While major crime trends have not been prevalent in Quail Creek over the past few years, we continue to fight minor crime such as vehicle break-ins and mail/package theft. This type of criminal activity is virtually impossible to mitigate without 24/7 monitoring. The Flock cameras provide both proactive and reactive support to deter and reduce these crimes. The system can proactively notify police but also serves as a reporting system to help identify cars/persons involved in criminal activity in QC.


Support offered by the Quail Creek HOA will be limited to HOA Members only. We are currently establishing support parameters for HOA Members and will refer all serious individual criminal concerns to OCPD for camera access, investigation, and appropriate response.

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