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  • When are my HOA membership dues due?
    The Quail Creek HOA membership year is October 1st - Septermber 30th. We ask residents tp pay their dues in October preceding the membership year.Pay Now
  • How much is it to join the Quail Creek HOA?
    To view our memberships and to signup online click here! Platinum Membership - $550/year • includes $192.50 tax-deductible contribution to Quail Community Foundation • demonstrates strong commitment to Quail Creek • security response and vacation house checks • recognized with special mailbox sticker • featured listing in printed directory and on Quail Creek website Standard Membership - $310/year • includes $108.50 tax-deductible contribution to Quail Community Foundation • minimal cost compared to other Oklahoma City area neighborhoods • security response and vacation house checks • mailbox sticker • highlighted listing in printed directory and on Quail Creek website Multi-Unit Membership - $170/year • includes $59.50 tax-deductible contribution to Quail Community Foundation • standard membership lfor those in a duplex, quadplex or other multi-unit housing • security response and vacation house checks • mailbox sticker
  • What do my dues cover?
    Dues help fund our private security patrol throughout Quail Creek, private OKC Police postings, maintenance of our 20+ entrances and common areas (mowing, utilities, repairs), community events such as 4th of July parade, summer concerts in the park and Christmas sleigh rides. Your dues help ensure the safety, beautification, and community pride throughout Quail Creek.
  • I recently moved into Quail Creek and want to join the HOA. How  much do I pay for dues?
    As a new Quail Creek resident, we offer prorated dues! Please email us at with your contact information (including move-in date) and we will send you a prorated dues statement for HOA membership.
  • When can I expect my HOA yard sign & mailbox sticker?
    Thank you for your HOA support! You will receive your membership package by the end of the month following your payment. For example, if you pay your dues in January you will receive your HOA package by the end of February. We try to get all members thier mailbox sticker and yard sign in a timely manner. However, if you want to check on the status of your package or arrange pick up send us an email at
  • Are my membership dues tax-deductible?
    Yes! A portion (35%) of every Membership is tax-deductible and directed to the Quail Community Foundation, the HOA’s 501c3 partner, which is directly responsible for execution of beautification projects and grounds maintenance.
  • Can I set up an auto draft for my membership payments?
    Not at this time but we are looking into making this a possibility in the future!
  • Do you have a payment plan for HOA membership dues?
    Want to join but unable to pay the full amount at this time? We want every resident to join the HOA. Please email us at regarding a payment plan.
  • Is HOA membership a requirement?
    The HOA is a voluntary neighborhood association and revenue is fully sourced from membership dues, paid by Quail Creek residents. We expect all residents to do their part towards supporting the safety, maintenance, and beautification of their neighborhood.
  • How does the HOA collect membership dues?
    You can pay your membership dues hereonline OR mail a check to: Quail Creek Homeowners Association 11032 Quail Creek Rd., Ste. 211 Oklahoma City, OK 73120
  • What are the HOA rules (bylaws) & where can I find the CC&Rs?
    Covenants and restrictions are not currently available on our website, but are available by Contacting Us with the property address of the inquiry. You may also call us at 405-751-5661.
  • How can I contact a member of the HOA Board of Directors?
    The best way to contact us is through email, We will be able to reply or forward your message to the appropriate board member for response. You can also call 405-751-5661.
  • Is there a neighborhood newsletter or magazine? What is the  publication schedule?
    YES! Quail Creek Living Magazine is published and distributed by N2Publishing each month to all residents in Quail Creek. The Quail Creek HOA sends news and information via email (sign up online at and utilizes social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest news, @quailcreekhoa.
  • I’d love to get more involved in the neighborhood. Are there volunteer opportunities?
    Yes! We are always in need of HOA volunteers to serve as Directors on the board or on a committee. We also have volunteer opportunities through the Quail Community Foundation. Please email us, or to learn more!
  • Can I attend a Quail Creek HOA board meeting?
    Yes, we ask that you please contact the HOA President via email at, to express your interest in attending. HOA members are also welcome to attend the annual meeting on the second Tuesday evening of November, every year.
  • Is there Security Patrol in Quail Creek?
    Yes. Private security patrol is contracted through Elite Protection Services. Patrol officers are on duty Tuesday-Friday from 10:00 am – 2:00 am and 6:00 pm – 2:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. Security does not patrol on Mondays. Elite is available to perform vacation house checks or accommodate special needs for HOA members only. An off-duty officer from the Oklahoma City Police Department is on site for special assignment and posting every other weekend, during the overnight hours. If you have an emergency or immediate security concern, please call 911 first (for emergencies and non-emergencies), then call Elite. Elite Protection Services: 405-629-0004 Elite House Check Requests:
  • Whom do I contact to report a street light outage or damaged street light?
    Please contact OG&E directly with any street light issues. They will open a ticket and resolve the issue. You may report this information online (visit and select Outage Center, then Report Street Light Outage) or call, 405-272-9741.
  • When should I expect to receive by tax-deductible receipt?
    We mail out all tax-deducitble receipts in January.
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