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Quail Creek Mowing

The Quail Creek Homeowners Association is asking all homeowners to help defray the costs we incur to mow the grass along NW 122nd St (both north and south sides of the street), Hefner Rd (north side), and May Ave (west side between Browne Stone Rd and Rosewood Ln). 

The HOA mows these areas every week and your help to offset this expense greatly helps to keep our neighborhood neat and clean, giving Quail Creek a great visible impact on our city--making us all proud.

There are two donation items that will not fully cover this expense, but they do help offset the expenditure.

Choose your option to donate online now, or mail a check to our office. All checks should be made payable to Quail Community Foundation, with "2020 Mowing Contribution" noted in the memo.

Quail Community Foundation is a 501c3 partner of the Quail Creek Homeowners Association. All mowing contributions made to the Quail Community Foundation are 100% tax deductible.

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