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Updated May 5th @ 4pm

Dear Residents,


We are writing to inform you that the Quail Creek Homeowners Association is aware of the “Booms” that have been plaguing Center-North Quail Creek. This appears to be most impactful in the areas of Oak Hollow, Hackberry, and Rolling Stone, with some impact to residents behind these streets.


As of this date, we have yet to identify the cause. We have been working directly with the City to rule out the possibility that the “Boom” is caused by a utility issue. Thus far we have had ONG test the main lines, OG&E confirm that no equipment could be the cause, OKC Water placed monitors on the main lines and inspected the sewer lines. The conclusion in all cases is that the Utilities are not the likely culprit. We will continue to monitor the utilities as a possibility, but at least this lessens the concern/urgency a little.


We are continuing to explore every option, from a geological anomaly to a man-made affect. The Oklahoma Seismologist does not see any correlation to the “Boom” activity and seismic activity in the regional area. We have also confirmed that there is no horizontal drilling in the area. The Country Club is doing some dirt work, but we are highly doubtfully that their activity has triggered the anomaly. And lastly, the City engineers have driven the area looking for construction or other factors that could trigger our “Booms.”  Please note that we do NOT believe this anomaly to be fireworks, gunshots, or similar small explosions.


We have reached out to the State Seismologist to see if they can deploy localized equipment that might help us identify the epicenter, if any. Knowing this could help us to narrow down the cause of the “Booms.” We are also reaching out to our greater network of City staff, residents, attorneys, and any experts who can help us remedy Quail Creek from this nuisance.


Please keep in mind that this “Boom” is very localized to our area and thus, the cause is likely local as well. That being said, it also appears to be very transient, with the “Booms” originating in random locations.


We realize that this “Boom” can be intimidating and stressful for residents, kids, and pets. We realize this situation can cause a lot of anxiety and we encourage residents to reach out to their neighbors, friends, and family for support. If you are not connected to information being disseminated via text, apps, and social media, please feel free to reach out to the HOA for updates at any time (405-751-5661). We are also happy to swing by and discuss the situation in more detail.


The HOA has just launched a webpage that will provide updates as feasible. Please visit and click on the “Legal and Code” tab.  You can also find updates on the Nextdoor App. We will soon issue an email update as well but seeing as how this is a very localized situation, emails will rarely be issued.



Brian Ferguson

President, Quail Creek Homeowners Assoc.

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